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Country House
"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The artists show their work

Nothing better than visiting an art gallery to view the art work of a fellow artist. It's important to lend support by attending opening exhibitions. Last night we dropped by the Wentworth Gallery in the Boca Raton Town Centre Mall to see the opening of artist, Alexandra Nichita, who is reputed to be the new Pablo Picasso in style and means of expression. The artist was there in person to discuss her work and many people took advantage of the opportunity to find out more about this exciting creator.

As an artist, my focus was on her design and brush strokes and of course, the finished product. What colors does she prefer? How do the lines define the overall picture? Cubism isn't "my thing" but her work is definitely exciting.

Samples of her work:

Meanwhile, in another gallery in the same mall, took advantage to take in the creative output of artist, Sveta Esser. Absolutely love her work! She combines landscape (my favorite subject of choice) with texture achieved through the use of palette knives. In her use of colors and technique, she manages to achieve landscape settings that are light and airy. I've started using palette knives seeing what can be achieved inspires me to continue experimenting.

This is why her art reaches me:

Recently finished a black and white abstract painting, which I call, "Broken Window - Broken Dreams." The focus is a window frame with three thick lines of varying darkness depicting how life starts out as a series of hopes and dreams that are not always realized. Will share photos of my new paintings in a couple of months, when this snowbird returns home.

Meanwhile, I'm going to buy some new paints and perhaps - not sure yet - try the water based oils. Having never used oils, I'm a bit apprehensive. Still the idea excites me...

 Isn't this the truth: "
"An artist is always alone - if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness." (Henry Miller)