Country House

Country House
"Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter's soul"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Of palette knives and cut canvases

These days I'm into using palette knives. It's strictly one of those learn-as-you-go educations. Started using the knives along with brushes when I first started painting a few years back. Although the effect is really interesting, have to admit that there have been boo-boos along the way. C'est la vie as the French so quaintly and non-chalantly phrase it. I wonder if Monet and his group experienced my latest problems.

Using palette knives is tricky and requires angling the bottom part and side to get the desired effect. While in the learning stage pressing down too hard on the blade end caused some slicing into a/some canvas(es). In the end, one was salvaged by turning it into a still life with the help of thickening paste. Actually, the painting turned out quite nice if I may say so myself - and I do.

I've continued to use them on-and-off and as mentioned in my blog, it's been a very interesting experience. I'm now working on a larger canvas that has already been "re-born" three times. Larger canvases are my nemesis in that for whatever reason, the size intimidates me causing undesirable results. I'm using shades of black, white and silver along with thickening paste. Maybe it'll work and then again maybe it will end up in "canvas heaven." Who knows - but the trip to discovery is very exciting.

Tomorrow I'll be evaluating the direction to take and hopefully not one that will result in an empty space on my display easels. Some of the leaves on the trees don't look right requiring some fixing. As my husband frequently reminds me that I never know when to leave well enough alone. He's right. I do the same thing in my writing. It's that internal inner artist sending me a message that the painting could still be improved. However, when everything does come together - it's a magical moment.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Re-birth of my art blog

So here we are again, same subject but different blog title. I'm now me, an artistic creator. I encountered a problem with the title of my last blog, which shall remain nameless, after being notified that the blog title was infringing on a registered trademark. I mean - go figure! Certainly not moi.

In as far as my painting output is concerned, just finished a smaller canvas using palette knives to create a landscape. Love - and I mean love - the end result. There is something about using these tools and the raised texture they create that thrills me. That is, when a painting works. For example, painting on a smaller surface, at least for me, is safe. On the other hand moving to a large canvas presents a problem, most likely psychological but a problem nonetheless. Any other artists reading this share this dilemma?

This morning marks the third "white-over" whereupon I take a 2" brush along with lots of white paint layers to cover blechy boo-boos that just didn't work. In my mind they did but reality hit when things didn't turn out as I planned. My husband asked me today if I sell my paintings by the pound. That thick. Since I started out using a palette knife along with paint thickener, there was no way I could eliminate the strokes. Instead, I returned to my faithful brushes while attempting to add to what exists. Not quite sure how or if it will work. Will report back.

Also finished a larger canvas using shades of blue done with palette knives and brushes. I like. Will be sharing some photos of them eventually.

And so it goes. Some successes - some not-so-successes. Then again, that's what art is about: the creative process. Right?